2 min readJan 28, 2017


“A father without a father has difficulty balancing. A master without a master is dangerous.”

It is vital to our success to have someone or someones that we look up to in our life. It can be a teacher, parent, coach, or any person that can serve as role model or guide to making the best of our decisions.

The goal of any leader is to educate us, help us learn to make good judgments, and lead us to a point in our lives where we can make our own decisions based on the wisdom they have shared over time.

It is very important that we choose these leaders/guides wisely. Often times we can get lost and choose the wrong person. A simple decision made quickly can derail the hard work of the past. This is why it is more important than anything else that need and provide a parent for a parent, a coach for a coach, and leader for a leader, a master for a master. This will prevent the errors of power.

Think about it.

Nobody can do it alone. Presidents have advisors. Head coaches have assistants. Parents have their parents. However, if you follow the chain of command at some point someone must rise to the top as there has to be a ceiling.

This final person, this ultimate teacher does exist. This ultimate teacher is EXPERIENCE. Continue to explore life. Continue to push your thinking, your body, and your capabilities because this is the only way to confirm what it is you are good at and where your shortcomings fall so that you can continue to lean on your leader to improve all aspects.

Lean into your coach/role model/leader/mentor. Use them to guide you to straighten out the curves in your goals. Wise people will help you learn how to serve and provide inspiration.

Who is this person? Do you have one? If so, then is he/she the right choice? If not, then why don’t you change?

More importantly, what new wisdom have you gained and what decisions are you ready to make?




A non-expert of many things trying to deconstruct and rebuild what life, teaching, and learning all means for mankind moving forward.