Control and Visualization

Remember to keep pushing your skills past your comfort zones. Practice is designed to help you improve your skill development and raise your basketball IQ.

Thought for today: Develop a clear visual of what you can control and what is out of your reach. You will be happier and more productive in reaching your goals when you realize the two categories. We have no control over how tall or short we are. We have no control over what other people think. We have no control over weather and no amount of complaining will alter Mother Nature’s mind.

We DO have control over the choices we make. We can choose to work hard. We can choose to clear our minds and focus on the task at hand whether that is practice, school work, family, etc. We are always in control of our choices.

Choose wisely.

*These are daily thought posts that I share with my basketball team. This idea is based on reading of The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom,… by Ryan Holiday*


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A non-expert of many things trying to deconstruct and rebuild what life, teaching, and learning all means for mankind moving forward.