Falling to the level of our training

“We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level of our training.” Archilochus

credit to Aaron Maurer

Think on this. Did you get a smack in the face?

This quote is one of my favorites. Often times when we have success it is easy to pat ourselves on the back and reward our hard work and effort. The real truth lies in moments when things are difficult. Are we mentally strong enough to analyze ourselves?

When we have success it is a result of our training. We have have setbacks it is also because of our training. Enjoy the moments of success, but don’t be the person that points the finger and blames others or things when things don’t go well. We must swallow the pill of responsibility to be honest within to realize that our training did not prepare us properly.

Floyd Mayweather will be relaxed before his major fights. Watching tv, laying on the couch, being relaxed. When pressed about why he is not nervous he states that the work is already done. There is no need to stress now. Either you are ready or you are not ready. Simple as that.

Deep down you should know if you put in the necessary work. After the results you need to analyze and figure out what needs improvement, what needs to be eliminated, and what needs to delegated.

Today I challenge you to think about your training. Are you doing enough? Are you focusing on the specific aspects of the training to ensure you are prepared? It is more than hard work, but smart work. Trust the process. Believe in the journey.



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A non-expert of many things trying to deconstruct and rebuild what life, teaching, and learning all means for mankind moving forward.